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RAMI - International Encounters on Arts and Multimedia

The RAMI project is an experimentation and communication platform, created in september 2006 and animated by Transverscité (in Marseilles) and SHAMS/ICARE (in Beirut), in order to organize and conduct international meetings around contemporary creation, digital tools and multimedia.

Digital art is progressively recognized, and integrated as an independent artistic field, part of the artistic practices diversity. In France, digital arts are very close to the plastic arts, and therefore, they have developed strong bounds with some Fine Arts Schools. On the other side, digital arts are increasingly connected to stage performance, and particularly to dance performance. In comparison, in Lebanon, artists interested in the field move easily from the medium of experimental video to fiction video, and, in Egypt, the artists tend to move from the graphic and the visual arts, towards diversified multimedia installations and performances.

We feel that there’s everything to gain in supporting development in Visual, Audiovisual and Performing Arts. Bringing these Arts together in the same space and time is a challenge. Such an interesting venture allows a platform, such as RAMI, to better understand the artists’ motivations, the spirit of production and its effects on the audiences.

The RAMI project is the result of a cooperation, which began in 2001 between the following major partners: SHAMS-Beirut, ZINC/ECM-Marseilles, l’ATELIER of Alexandria and ASTAR-Milan. The first workshops, events and seminars we organized took place in 2006 and 2007.

Since 2008, the RAMI platform manages a mailing list, organizes meetings, artist residencies, and special events, and works on network development through its partnership with the YASMIN Network, and its participation to the creation of the Amber Network in Istanbul.

The RAMI platform participated in innovative projects connecting art, science and technology (such as the e-Mobile Art project), linked to the YASMIN Network.

Events as Memory and Futurism in Alexandria, RAMI 3.0 in Beirut, Créa numérica meetings, Labs in Cairo, Alexandria and Beirut, have been steps increasing network and artistic connexion.....

Claudine Dussollier @ Abdo Nawar

RAMI plateforme web site and newsletter are supported by Shams and Transverscité main funders: TAMASSI, Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Ville de Marseille

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