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RAMI’s Leaders

The RAMI plate forme is proposed and animated by SHAMS/Beirut and TRANSVERSCITÉ/Marseille, in association with the ATELIER of Alexandria.

RAMI plate fome has been founded in 2007 by ZINC/Marseille, SHAMS/Beirut, ATELIER/alexandria and the Studio AZZURRO/Milan
The firts and foundating step was during ARBOMED/Arborescence festival 2006 in Marseille October 06.

SHAMS, a group of theatre and audiovisual artists, runs the Dawar SHAMS (The Sunflower), a Cultural Space in the heart of Beirut, that encourages and promotes young creations by following up artists and organizes numerous festivals and encounters in performing arts, audiovisual and multimedia. SHAMS introduces training and critical discussion platforms to promote artistic development to the public.

In collaboration with ICARE leads by Abdo Nawar, and independent institution based on the idea to develop a free and creative way to discover and integrate digital tools in experimental and art works.

L’ATELIER of Alexandria, a historical cultural organization in Alexandria that has just celebrated its 75th birthday, is a forum for the creation of poetry and plastic arts that, under the impulse of its board and management team, is once again becoming the dynamic body it was in the past. A member of BJCEM since 2004 and an active participant in the Naples Biennial, l’ATELIER co-organized a dance and multimedia workshop in 2005 entitled “On art” in collaboration with ESPACE CULTURE and ZINC from Marseilles. L’ATELIER of Alexandria now regularly organizes workshops and a creation forum for the youth.

ASTAR (Associazione Studio Azzurro Ricerca) is a centre for artistic video experimentation and production, it was founded in 1982 by Fabio Cirifino (photography), Paolo Rosa (visual arts and cinema), Leonardo Sangiorgi (graphics and animation) and was joined in 1995 by Stefano Roveda, as expert in interactive systems.
The research performed by ASTAR is focused on creating “sensitive environments” where technology, narration and space are blended together, creating a mix between the man-machine and a relationship between man and man.
ASTAR areas of research are not limited to video, but also include cinema, theatre, musical theatre, dance. With all, narrative and visual cuesa present to generate moments of straightforward and visionary contacts between different media. Furthermore, ASTAR has also made many documentaries on such artists, and has carried out work in the field of training and teaching through workshops and seminars (Essays and critical works). Around twenty persons collaborate with ASTAR

Transverscité est une association créée en 1999 par un groupe de chercheurs en sciences sociales et humaines. Elle a pour but de regrouper des chercheurs, des artistes, et tout acteur autour du développement de projets pluridisciplinaires de recherche, d’action, de création, de formation et d’édition sur des thématiques sociales, urbaines, culturelles et patrimoniales.

Au fil du temps, Transverscité s’est enrichie de rencontres, d’individualités croisées et de thématiques transversales.

A ce jour Transverscité recoupe différents champs : Art et espace public, Action sociale et éducative, Coopération internationale, Composition des formes urbaines Economies et marchés, Évaluation de politiques publiques, Migrations Transfrontalières, Mobilités sociales et spatiales, Sociologie des publics, de la culture, du patrimoine … (à compléter)

Ses activités s’organisent autour de quatre axes :
• Des programmes de recherche dans le cadre de commandes locales, nationales, internationales.
• Des programmes opérationnels dans le cadre d’activités de coproduction avec des associations et des acteurs de terrain.
• Des projets de création artistique et d’édition.
• Des programmes de formation professionnelle et universitaire.