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Black Out

short documentary video

Black Out is a short documentary video made by Mohamad El Hadidi and Mayye Zayed. It was shot by Mohamad El Hadidi , edited by Mayye Zayed and subtitled by Sara Hatem.

The video is about a demonstration that took place on the 16th of June 2010 near Khaled Saeed’s house in Cleopatra district in Alexandria protesting against his murder. On June 7, 2010, Khaled Saeed, a 28-year-old Egyptian who was allegedly tortured to death at the hands of two officers in plain clothes after refusing to be searched under the emergency law.

Khaled was sitting in an internet cafe in near his house when the two wild detective cops (Mahmoud Al Fallah and Awad Abdel Zaher) ambushed that cafe asking people for their IDs which is totally out of their authority and without legal permission. He did reject that way of inhumane treatment and consequently was attacked so viciously , was kicked in his chest and belly severely, and his skull was smashed with the marble bar before all people and witnesses in the internet cafe while Khaled was bleeding. Then savage cops abducted Khaled and put him inside the police vehicle to continue torturing him to death in the police station. Finally, they threw his corpse in the street to claim that he was attacked by some strangers in order to avoid responsibility. The cops were released few hours later and some protesters were arrested. Shocking pictures of Khaled Saeed’s body, whose face is almost unrecognizable from the beating he received has been posted on the internet. On June 12, 2010 the department of media and public relations of the Egyptian ministry of interior issued a statement denying the content of the testimonies of eyewitnesses as well as reports by human rights organizations. The statement also claimed that Khaled Saeed was a “wanted criminal,” with two convictions in absentia for theft and illegal possession of weapons, and that he had evaded his military service. It was claimed that Khaled had died of ASPHYXIATION after he swallowed a packet of drugs.

View online : www.vimeo.com/12923673




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